During the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, Dr. Robbie Bridgeman was presented the Academy’s Clinician of the Year Award.  The Academy is “dedicated to the performance of excellence in Restorative Dentistry . . . and promote[s] the skills of utilizing gold foil and cast gold in the restoration of tooth structure.”  Accomplishments considered for the award include active membership in the Academy for at least five years, publishing literature on gold foil, being responsible for a gold foil study club, having made an outstanding contribution to the continuation of gold foil, and having operated on a live patient at an annual meeting.

Dr. Robbie Bridgeman is the current President of the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, and the Secretary Treasurer for the Hollenback-Medina Operative Dentistry Seminar.  He has presented on the importance of study clubs to clinical excellence in dentistry, and taught gold foil techniques to students, residents, and faculty in the dental schools at both UNC-Chapel Hill and University of Florida, Gainesville.

Dr. Robbie Bridgeman has been practicing dentistry in Boone, NC since graduating from the UNC School of Dentistry in 2006.  He and his father, Dr. Craig Bridgeman, continue to serve the people of the High Country, and both are welcoming new patients.

During the 49th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, Dr. Craig Bridgeman was presented the Award of Excellence.  The Award of Excellence was established in 1986 and is the Academy’s highest recognition for “outstanding contributions to the discipline of Operative Dentistry in areas of, but not limited to:  service to the Academy; teaching of operative dentistry at academic and continuing education levels; promotion of excellence in operative dentistry at the national and international levels.”

Dr. Bridgeman is a past-president of the Academy of Operative Dentistry and holds the Board of Operative Dentistry credentials certifying his skill and knowledge of operative dentistry.  He is a certified “Mentor” for The Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs and will be installed as president of the Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs when the Academy convenes in Japan this fall.  He currently serves as the mentor of the Hollenback-Medina Operative Dentistry Seminar, which celebrates 58 years of promoting excellence in clinical dentistry.

Dr. Bridgeman has practiced dentistry in Boone, NC since 1976.  He continues to practice dentistry with his son, Dr. Robbie Bridgeman, a 4th generation of Bridgeman dentists.